Ever wonder why Real Estate Agents want to know if you have been pre-approved before you go to look at homes?  

This is to ensure you are looking for the right type of home in the right price range at the right time for you!

Let me explain!  Are you going to be using a VA, FHA, USDA or a Conventional loan?  Each type of loan has a different standard of home.  For instance a USDA home only qualifies in certain areas…why look for a home in town if you can only look for a home outside the city limits?  Looking for a FHA loan but want to purchase a foreclosure?  Not all foreclosures qualify for FHA or VA home loans.  Knowing your loan type is just as important as the amount of your loan.  

What price range are you looking in?  Is it the payment you want?  Recently I met with a couple that was looking at a house that was priced at $135,000.  They wanted a payment around $725 a month.  That meant we needed to be looking in the price range of $110,000-$120,000.  This is important.  You don’t want to fall in love with a home that is more than you want to spent!  Its not always about how much you qualify for but how much you want to actually spend!  You might be making that payment for the next 30 years in some cases. 

Are you ready NOW to buy? If you are not ready to buy now, there is no need to look at houses now.  Why?  Chances are the homes you see today will not be available in 6 months or even 3 months.  That house you see today could get an offer tomorrow and you have fallen in love with it!  Prices change…yes even in 6 months!  

If you are ready to get pre-approved I have a list of great lenders who can help you take that next step…even if you think  you might not qualify.  Talk to someone, they are on your side.